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“It’s becoming more evident to me that domestic violence and child abuse is hidden in every fabric of society and culture. The only way to stop it is to re-educate.”


Education is a key part in putting an end to the pain of abuse and domestic violence. We believe that its up to everyday people like you and I, to make a difference in eradicating abuse in our society. To equip people, GOORF organises seminars and workshops suitable for the everyday person and for people who work with these children on a daily basis. Every year we partner with specialist from around the globe to equip you with the tools to do your part to end the pain. 


Equipping The Everyday People

Helping communities be aware of the problems children face, which are hidden in plain sight. We hope to educate communities on how to identify abuse and how to confront it. Write to us for more information or if you would like to host one in your city.


For People In The Field

Tackling the trauma of child abuse and domestic violence alongside victims on a daily basis can be a daunting and draining task. Rather than be discouraged and disheartened by what is ahead, let us come together and learn new ways to empower those given to our care. We work with government agencies and domestic violence shelters to equip and encourage them in their work for these children. Email us for the latest information on our next session and if you would like to invite us to host one in your city..

Equipping The Everyday People

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